APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Science

7th ACES International Workshop

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P01Matsu'ura, M. et al.Integrated Predictive Simulation System for Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster (1) Predictive Simulation for Earthquake Generation
P02Furumura, T. et al.Integrated Predictive Simulation System for Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster (2) Strong Motion and Tsunami Generation
P03Ichimura, T. et al.Integrated Predictive Simulation System for Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster (3) Combined Simulation System for Ground Motion/Structure Oscillation
P04Okuda, H. and Nakajima, K.Integrated Predictive Simulation System for Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster (4) Framework for Development of Parallel Codes
P05Yamashita, F. et al.Re-examination of the Present Stress State of the Atera Fault System, Central Japan, Based on the Calibrated Crustal Stress Data of Hydraulic Fracturing Tests Obtained by Measuring the Tensile Strength of Rocks
P06Wu, W. N. et al.Spatial Variation of the Crustal Stress Field along the Ryukyu-Taiwan-Luzon Convergent Boundary
P07Yamamoto, K.The Directions of Fault Strikes and the GPS Velocity Field
P08Xing, H. L.Fault Geometry and Earthquakes
P09McArthur, B. et al.WebViz:A Web-based Collaborative Interactive Visualization System for Large-scale Data Sets
P10Parker, J. W. et al.QuakeSim Modeling Efforts Using QuakeTables Faults, Interferograms
P11Williams, C. et al.The Effects of Material Heterogeneity and Topography on the Predicted Slip Distributions for Hikurangi Slow Slip Events
P12Gran, J. D. et al.A Damage Model based on Failure Threshold Weakening
P13Abe, Y. and Kato, N.Complex Earthquake Cycle Simulations Using a Two-degree-of-freedom spring-block Model
P14Yu, H.-Z. et al.Multi-methods Combined Analysis of the Future Earthquake Potential
P15Zhang, L. P. et al.Failure Potential Evaluation in Engineering Experiments Using Load/Unload Response Ratio Method
P16Langer, S. et al.Event Size Distribution in Simple Multi-fault Systems
P17Tsuzuki, M. and Koyama, J.Correlation Dimension of Hypocentral Distributions Based on Information Entropy
P18Liu, Q. et al.(cancelled)Earthquake Dynamic Triggering on a Multi-segment Fault
P19Hirano, S. and Yamashita, T.Off Fault Stress Distribution around Dynamic Slip Pulse on a Bimaterial Interface
P20Uenishi, K. and Tamiya, Y.On a Simpler Way of Simulating Wave Dynamics in Complex Geometrical Conditions
P21Malytskyy, D. V.(cancelled)Modeling of Seismic Waves in Layered Media and the Inversion of Source Parameters
P22Shi, Z, and Day, S.Studying the Effect of Fault Roughness on Strong Ground Motion
P23Takemoto, T. et al.Site Amplification from Coda Waves in Japan
P24Padhy, S. and Nampally, S.Attenuation Characteristics of High-frequency Seismic Waves in Northeast India
P25Wang, H. L. et al.Constraints on Average Taiwan Reference Moho Discontinuity Model – Receiver Function Analysis Using BATS Data
P26Ward, S. N.Disasters by the Dosen
P27Saffari, HProbabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis Consisting of PGA, PGV and Acceleration Spectra for Iran
P28Darvishi, E.(cancelled)Petrographic and Petrology Igneous Rocks Southwest Aligoodarz in Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone of Iran
P29Mogren, S. and Mukhopadhyay, M.(cancelled)3D Simulation Model of Active Al Ays Volcano, Saudi Arabia
P30Shitta, K. A.(cancelled)Lithostratigraphy of Nigeria An-Overview
P31Wu, A. X. and Zhang, Y. X.(cancelled)The Improving of PI Method and Its Application to the Background Analysis and Anomaly Detection of Electromagnetic Satellite
P32Wu, A. X.(cancelled)Effective Integrated PI Algorithm and Its Applications to Automatic Processing of Space-Time Images in Seismic Activity
P33Jing, H. H. et al.Numerical Evaluation of Tsunami Wave Hazards in Harbors along the South China Sea
P34Zhang, H. et al.Virtual ChuanDian–A Parallel Numerical Modeling of Sichuan-Yunnan Regional Strong Earthquake Activities: Model Construction and Parallel Simulatio

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