APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Science

10th ACES International Workshop

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Scientific Programs


Oral-01 (Sep. 25)Opening SessionStress Accumulation and Seismic Activity
Oral-02 (Sep. 26)Earthquakes Generation Process
Oral-03 (Sep. 27)Tsunami
Oral-04 (Sep. 28)Earthquake CyclesPoster (Sep. 25-28)All Topics
  • Instruction for Oral Presentation

    • Presenters should use their own laptops for oral presentations. The connector type is D-Sub15pin.

    • A laser pointer is available for oral presentations.

    • Both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios are available for presentation slides.

  • Instruction for Poster Presentation

    • Each presenter will be provided with a posterboard 1.8 meters x 0.9 meters (landscape format).

    • Posters can be displayed throughout the entire workshop period (Sep. 25-28). The core time for poster presentation is Sep. 27, 15:50-17:30 and 19:30-21:00.

    • Posters can be set up after 09:00, Sep. 25, and need to be removed before 16:00, Sep. 28.

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