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Pure and Applied Geophysics Volume 172, Issue 8, August 2015Special Issues

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Multihazard Simulation and Cyberinfrastructure

Andrea DonnellanCharles WilliamsMarlon PiercePages 2083-2085

Tsunami Hazards along the Eastern Australian Coast from Potential Earthquakes: Results from Numerical Simulations

H. L. XingR. W. DingD. A. YuenPages 2087-2115

Simulation of Tsunami Hazards Affecting the East Cape Region, New Zealand

Aggeliki BarberopoulouX. WangW. PowerB. LukovicPages 2117-2137

Magnitude Estimation for the 2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake Based on Ground Motion Prediction Equations

Attieh EshaghiKristy F. TiampoHadi GhofraniPages 2139-2155

Dynamic Overshoot Near Trench Caused by Large Asperity Break at Depth

Eiichi FukuyamaSébastien HokPages 2157-2165

Spatial Heterogeneity in Earthquake Fault-Like Systems

J. KazemianR. DominguezK. F. TiampoW. KleinPages 2167-2177

Short-Term Surface Deformation on the Northern Hayward Fault, CA, and Nearby Landslides Using Polarimetric SAR Interferometry (PolInSAR)

Samira AlipourKristy F. TiampoSergey V. SamsonovPages 2179-2193

Critical Jump Distance for Propagating Earthquake Ruptures Across Step-Overs

M. B. YıkılmazD. L. TurcotteE. M. HeienL. H. KelloggPages 2195-2201

The Sensitivity of the Loa/Unload Response Ratio and Critical Region Selection Before Large Earthquakes

Huai-zhong YuFaren ZhouJia ChengYong-ge WanPages 2203-2214

Record-Breaking Intervals: Detecting Trends in the Incidence of Self-Similar Earthquake Sequences

Mark R. YoderJohn B. RundlePages 2215-2235

Earthquake Nucleation on Faults with a Revised Rate- and State-Dependent Friction Law

Nobuki KameSatoshi FujitaMasao NakataniPages 2237-2246

A Comparison of Seismicity Characteristics and Fault Structure Between Stick–Slip Experiments and Nature

T. H. W. GoebelC. G. SammisT. W. BeckerG. DresenPages 2247-2264

Study of the Potential Earthquake Risk in the Western United States by the LURR Method Based on the Seismic Catalogue, Fault Geometry and Focal Mechanisms

Yongxian ZhangM. Burak YikilmazJohn B. RundlePages 2265-2276

Near-Field ETAS Constraints and Applications to Seismic Hazard Assessment

Mark R. YoderJohn B. RundleMargaret T. GlasscoePages 2277-2293

Advantages to Geoscience and Disaster Response from QuakeSim Implementation of Interferometric Radar Maps in a GIS Database System

Jay ParkerAndrea DonnellanMargaret GlasscoePages 2295-2304

E-DECIDER: Using Earth Science Data and Modeling Tools to Develop Decision Support for Earthquake Disaster Response

Margaret T. GlasscoeJun WangMarlon E. PiercePages 2305-2324

Web Services for Dynamic Coloring of UAVSAR Images

Jun WangMarlon PierceAndrea DonnellanJay ParkerPages 2325-2332











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