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Pure and Applied Geophysics Volume 165, Issue 8, August 2008Special Issues

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Earthquakes: Simulations, Sources and Tsunamis

K. F. TiampoD. K. WeatherleyS. A. WeinsteinPages 449-450

Finite Fault Modeling in a Tsunami Warning Center Context

Stuart A. WeinsteinPaul R. LundgrenPages 451-474

Modeling and Visualization of Tsunamis

Huai ZhangYaolin ShiDavid A. YuenZhenzhen YanPages 475-496

Geophysical Finite-Element Simulation Tool (GeoFEST): Algorithms and Validation for Quasistatic Regional Faulted Crust Problems

Jay ParkerGregory LyzengaCharles NortonCinzia ZuffadaPages 497-521

Multiscale Brittle-Ductile Coupling and Genesis of Slow Earthquakes

K. Regenauer-LiebD. A. YuenPages 523-543

Parallel Fault Systems with Evolving Self-similar Sliding Zones

  1. V. DyskinPages 545-565

3-D Simulation of Steady Plate Subduction with Tectonic Erosion: Current Crustal Uplift and Free-Air Gravity Anomaly in Northeast Japan

Chihiro HashimotoToshinori SatoMitsuhiro Matsu’uraPages 567-583

Development of Long-period Ground Motions from the Nankai Trough, Japan, Earthquakes: Observations and Computer Simulation of the 1944 Tonankai (Mw 8.1) and the 2004 SE Off-Kii Peninsula (Mw 7.4) Earthquakes

Takashi FurumuraToshihiko HayakawaMisao NakamuraPages 585-607

Modeling Wing Crack Extension: Implications for the Ingredients of Discrete Element Model

Yucang WangPeter MoraPages 609-620

Interactive Visualization to Advance Earthquake Simulation

Louise H. KelloggGerald W. BawdenTony BernardinPages 621-633

The QuakeSim Project: Web Services for Managing Geophysical Data and Applications

Marlon E. PierceGeoffrey C. FoxMehmet S. AktasPages 635-651

A New Design of Scientific Software Using Python and XML

Lutz GrossHans MühlhausElspeth ThorneKen SteubePages 653-670

An Efficient System for Creating Synthetic InSAR Images from Simulations

Xiaoru YuanYingchun LiuDavid A. YuenBaoquan ChenPages 671-691

The Stress Accumulation Method and the Pattern Informatics Index: Complementary Approaches to Earthquake Forecasting

Kristy F. TiampoDavid D. BowmanHarmony ColellaPages 693-709

The Newest Developments of Load-Unload Response Ratio (LURR)

Xiang-Chu YinLang-Ping ZhangYongxian ZhangKeyin PengPages 711-722

Earthquake Trend Around Sumatra Indicated by a New Implementation of LURR Method

Can YinHuilin XingPeter MoraHehua XuPages 723-736

Comparison Between LURR and State Vector Analysis Before Strong Earthquakes in Southern California Since 1980

Yongxian ZhangYongjia WuXiangchu YinKeyin PengPages 737-748

Fast Computing for LURR of Earthquake Prediction

Yangde FengXuebin ChiWu WangJiang ChenXiangchu YinPages 749-759

Complexity in Sequences of Solar Flares and Earthquakes

Vladimir G. KossobokovFabio LepretiVincenzo CarbonePages 761-775

Earthquakes: Recurrence and Interoccurrence Times

S. G. AbaimovD. L. TurcotteR. ShcherbakovJ. B. RundlePages 777-795


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