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Pure and Applied Geophysics Volume 159, Issue 10, August 2002Special Issues

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Introduction: Earthquake Processes: Physical Modelling, Numerical Simulation and Data Analysis, Part II

M. Matsu'uraP. MoraA. DonnellanX. C. YinPages 2169-2171

3-D Simulation of Earthquake Generation Cycles and Evolution of Fault Constitutitve Properties

C. HashimotoM. Matsu'uraPages 2175-2199

Interplate Earthquake Fault Slip During Periodic Earthquake Cycles in a Viscoelastic Medium at a Subduction Zone

K. HiraharaPages 2201-2220

Development of a Finite Element Simulator for Crustal Deformation with Large Fault Slipping

Z. S. WuY. GaoY. MurakamiPages 2221-2237

3-D Viscoelastic FEM Modeling of Crustal Deformation in Northeast Japan

H. SuitoM. IizukaK. HiraharaPages 2239-2259

Combined GPS and InSAR Models of Postseismic Deformation from the Northridge Earthquake

  1. DonnellanJ. W. ParkerG. PeltzerPages 2261-2270

A Hidden Markov Model Based Tool for Geophysical Data Exploration

R. GranatA. DonnellanPages 2271-2283

Geophysical Applications of Multidimensional Filtering with Wavelets

D. A. YuenA. P. VincentM. KidoL. VecseyPages 2285-2309

Large Amplitude Folding in Finely Layered Viscoelastic Rock Structures

H.-B. MühlhausL. MoresiB. HobbsF. DufourPages 2311-2333

Mantle Convection Modeling with Viscoelastic/Brittle Lithosphere: Numerical Methodology and Plate Tectonic Modeling

L. MoresiF. DufourH.-B. MühlhausPages 2335-2356

GEM Plate Boundary Simulations for the Plate Boundary Observatory: A Program for Understanding the Physics of Earthquakes on Complex Fault Networks via Observations, Theory and Numerical Simulation

J. B. RundleP. B. RundleW. KleinJ. de sa MartinsPages 2357-2381

Accelerated Seismic Release and Related Aspects of Seismicity Patterns on Earthquake Faults

Y. Ben-ZionV. LyakhovskyPages 2385-2412

Stress Correlation Function Evolution in Lattice Solid Elasto-dynamic Models of Shear and Fracture Zones and Earthquake Prediction

P. MoraD. PlacePages 2413-2427

Pattern Dynamics and Forecast Methods in Seismically Active Regions

K. F. TiampoJ. B. RundleS. A. McGinnisW. KleinPages 2429-2467

Long-range Automaton Models of Earthquakes: Power-law Accelerations, Correlation Evolution, and Mode-switching

D. WeatherleyP. MoraM. F. XiaPages 2469-2490

Critical Sensitivity and Trans-scale Fluctuations in Catastrophic Rupture

M. F. XiaY. J. WeiF. J. KeY. L. BaiPages 2491-2509

Load-Unload Response Ratio and Accelerating Moment/Energy Release Critical Region Scaling and Earthquake Prediction

X. C. YinP. MoraK. PengY. C. WangD. WeatherleyPages 2511-2523

Simulation of the Load-Unload Response Ratio and Critical Sensitivity in the Lattice Solid Model


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