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Pure and Applied Geophysics Volume 161, Issue 9-10, August 2004Special Issues

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Computational Earthquake Science Part I

Andrea DonnellanPeter MoraMitsuhiro Matsu’uraPages 1823-1825

Statistical Tests of Load-Unload Response Ratio Signals by Lattice Solid Model: Implication to Tidal Triggering and Earthquake Prediction

Yucang WangPeter MoraCan YinDavid PlacePages 1829-1839



Long-range Stress Redistribution Resulting from Damage in Heterogeneous Media

Yilong BaiZhaoke JiaXiaohui ZhangFujiu KeMengfen XiaPages 1841-1852


Review of the Physical Basis of Laboratory-derived Relations for Brittle Failure and their Implications for Earthquake Occurrence and Earthquake Nucleation

N. M. BeelerPages 1853-1876


Particle Dynamics Simulations of Rate- and State-dependent Frictional Sliding of Granular Fault Gouge

Julia K. MorganPages 1877-1891


The Dependence of Constitutive Properties on Temperature and Effective Normal Stress in Seismogenic Environments

Aitaro KatoShingo YoshidaMitiyasu OhnakaPages 1895-1913


A Constitutive Scaling Law for Shear Rupture that is Inherently Scale-dependent, and Physical Scaling of Nucleation Time to Critical Point

Mitiyasu OhnakaPages 1915-1929


Critical Sensitivity in Driven Nonlinear Threshold Systems

Xiaohui ZhangXianghong XuHaiyin WangMengfen XiaPages 1931-1944


Intermittent Criticality and the Gutenberg-Richter Distribution

David D. BowmanCharles G. SammisPages 1945-1956



Ergodicity in Natural Fault Systems

K. F. TiampoJ. B. RundleW. KleinJ. S. SÁ MartinsPages 1957-1968


Focal Mechanism Dependence of a Few Seismic Phenomena and its Implications for the Physics of Earthquakes

Z. L. WuY. G. WanG. W. ZhouPages 1969-1978


Continuum Fractal Mechanics of the Earth’s Crust

Arcady V. DyskinPages 1979-1989


Using Eigenpattern Analysis to Constrain Seasonal Signals in Southern California

K. F. TiampoJ. B. RundleW. KleinY. Ben-ZionPages 1991-2003


Accelerating Precursory Activity within a Class of Earthquake Analogue Automata

Dion WeatherleyPeter MoraPages 2005-2019


Dynamical System Analysis and Forecasting of Deformation Produced by an Earthquake Fault

Marian AnghelYehuda Ben-ZionRamiro Rico-MartinezPages 2023-2051


3-D Modelling of Plate Interfaces and Numerical Simulation of Long-term Crustal Deformation in and around Japan

Chihiro HashimotoKenji FukuiMitsuhiro Matsu’uraPages 2053-2068


GeoFEM Kinematic Earthquake Cycle Simulation in Southwest Japan

Mamoru HyodoKazuro HiraharaPages 2069-2090


Finite Element Analysis of Fault Bend Influence on Stick-Slip Instability along an Intra-Plate Fault

H. L. XingP. MoraA. MakinouchiPages 2091-2102


Quasi-static and Quasi-dynamic Modeling of Earthquake Failure at Intermediate Scales

Gert ZöllerMatthias HolschneiderYehuda Ben-ZionPages 2103-2118



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