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Pure and Applied Geophysics Volume 170, Issue 1-2, January 2013Special Issues

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Preface for “Earthquake Hazard Evaluation”

Eiichi FukuyamaJohn B. RundleKristy F. TiampoPages 1-2

Origin of the Velocity-Strengthening Nature of Granular Friction

Takahiro HatanoOsamu KuwanoPages 3-11

Shear Band Formation in Numerical Simulations Applying a Continuum Damage Rheology Model

Yaron FinziHans MuhlhausLutz GrossArtak AmirbekyanPages 13-25

Scale Effects in Simple Models for the Dynamics of Faults

L. M. Olsen-KettleH. -B. MühlhausPages 27-41

Finite Difference Simulations of Seismic Wave Propagation for the 2007 Mw 6.6 Niigata-ken Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake: Validity of Models and Reliable Input Ground Motion in the Near-Field

Hideo AochiAriane DucellierFabrice DuprosPages 43-64

High-Frequency Radiation from an Earthquake Fault: A Review and a Hypothesis of Fractal Rupture Front Geometry

A. GusevPages 65-93

FDM Simulation of an Anomalous Later Phase from the Japan Trench Subduction Zone Earthquakes

Shinako NoguchiTakuto MaedaTakashi FurumuraPages 95-108

FDM Simulation of Seismic Waves, Ocean Acoustic Waves, and Tsunamis Based on Tsunami-Coupled Equations of Motion

Takuto MaedaTakashi FurumuraPages 109-127

A Revised Evaluation of Tsunami Hazards along the Chinese Coast in View of the Tohoku-Oki Earthquake

Huimin Helen JingHuai ZhangDavid A. YuenYaolin ShiPages 129-138

Optimization of Seismicity-Based Forecasts

Kristy F. TiampoRobert ShcherbakovPages 139-154

Statistical Variability and Tokunaga Branching of Aftershock Sequences Utilizing BASS Model Simulations

Mark R. YoderJordan Van AalsburgDonald L. TurcottePages 155-171

Multi-Methods Combined Analysis of Future Earthquake Potential

Huai-zhong YuJia ChengXiao-tao ZhangLang-ping ZhangPages 173-183

Effects of Location Errors in Pattern Informatics

N. F. ChoK. F. TiampoPages 185-196

Retrospective Study on the Predictability of Pattern Informatics to the Wenchuan M8.0 and Yutian M7.3 Earthquakes

Yongxian ZhangXiaotao ZhangYongjia WuXiangchu YinPages 197-208

Intermediate-Term Medium-Range Precursory Accelerating Seismicity Prior to the 12 May 2008, Wenchuan Earthquake

Changsheng JiangZhongliang WuPages 209-219

Aftershock Statistics of the 1999 Chi–Chi, Taiwan Earthquake and the Concept of Omori Times

Ya-Ting LeeDonald L. TurcotteJohn B. RundlePages 221-228

New Progress in LURR-Integrating with the Dimensional Method

Xiang-chu YinYue LiuPeter MoraShuai YuanPages 229-236

Failure Potential Evaluation in Engineering Experiments Using Load/Unload Response Ratio Method

Lang-ping ZhangHuai-zhong YuXiang-chu YinPages 237-245


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