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Pure and Applied Geophysics Volume 163, Issue 11-12, December 2006Special Issues

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Computational Earthquake Physics PART II: Introduction

Xiang-chu YinPeter MoraAndrea DonnellanPages 2259-2261

QuakeSim and the Solid Earth Research Virtual Observatory

Andrea DonnellanJohn RundleGeoffrey FoxDennis McLeod

iSERVO: Implementing the International Solid Earth Research Virtual Observatory by Integrating Computational Grid and Geographical Information Web Services

Mehmet AktasGalip AydinAndrea DonnellanGeoffrey FoxPages 2281-2296

Construction of an Intraplate Fault System Model of South Australia, and Simulation Tool for the iSERVO Institute Seed Project

H. L. XingP. MoraPages 2297-2316

LURR's Twenty Years and its Perspective

Xiang-Chu YinLang-Ping ZhangHui-Hui ZhangCan YinPages 2317-2341

LURR and the San Simeon M 6.5 Earthquake in 2003 and the Seismic Tendency in CA

Yongxian ZhangXiangchu YinKeyin PengHaitao WangPages 2343-2351

A Statistical Investigation of the Earthquake Predictions Using LURR

Keyin PengXiangchu YinLang-Ping ZhangPages 2353-2362

Stress Reorientation and LURR: Implication for Earthquake Prediction Using LURR

Can YinPeter MoraPages 2363-2373

An Independent Assessment of the Load/Unload Response Ratio (LURR) Proposed Method of Earthquake Prediction

J. E. TrottaT. E. TullisPages 2375-2387

Acoustic Emission Experiments of Rock Failure Under Load Simulating the Hypocenter Condition

Hui-hui ZhangXiang-chu YinNai-gang LiangHuai-zhong YuPages 2389-2406

Stress Shadows Determined from a Phase Dynamical Measure of Historic Seismicity

K.F. TiampoJ.B. RundleW. KleinPages 2407-2416

Pattern Informatics and its Application for Optimal Forecasting of Large Earthquakes in Japan

K. Z. NanjoJ. B. RundleJ. R. HollidayD. L. TurcottePages 2417-2432

Systematic Procedural and Sensitivity Analysis of the Pattern Informatics Method for Forecasting Large (M > 5) Earthquake Events in Southern California

J. R. HollidayJ. B. RundleK. F. TiampoW. KleinPages 2433-2454

Visualization and Analysis of Multi-terabyte Geophysical Datasets in an Interactive Setting with Remote Webcam Capabilities

Benjamin J. KadlecDavid A. YuenGordon ErlebacherPages 2455-2465

A Grid Framework for Visualization Services in the Earth Sciences

G. ErlebacherD. A. YuenZ. LuE. F. BolligM. PiercePages 2467-2483

Thermal Effects in the Evolution of Initially Layered Mantle Material

M. DaviesH. MühlhausL. GrossPages 2485-2495

Detecting Regional Events via Statistical Analysis of Geodetic Networks

Robert GranatPages 2497-2512

A Recent Application of the ETAS Model and a Proposed Method for Prediction of Strong Aftershocks

W. B. LiuL. MaPages 2513-2528

Orientation-based Continuum Damage Models for Rocks

Xiaoyu LiuXiangchu YinNaigang LiangPages 2529-2543

Experimental Study of the Earthquake Recurrence Period and the Trend of Post-seismic Development

Bin WangZhaoyong XuXiangchu YinYili HuRunhai YangPages 2545-2560

State Vector: A New Approach to Prediction of the Failure of Brittle Heterogeneous Media and Large Earthquakes

Huai-zhong YuXiang-chu YinQing-yong ZhuYu-ding YanPages 2561-2574

Crustal Movement Observed by GPS and Earthquake Activity in the Chinese Mainland and its Neighborhood

Guohua GuPages 2575-2583

Thermo-hydro-mechanical Modeling of CO2 Sequestration System Around Fault Environment

Qi LiZhishen WuYilong BaiXiangchu YinXiaochun LiPages 2585-2593


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