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Pure and Applied Geophysics Volume 161, Issue 11-12, December 2004Special Issues

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Computational Earthquake Science PART II

Andrea DonnellanPeter MoraMitsuhiro Matsu’uraPages 2119-2122

Guided Waves from Sources Outside Faults: An Indication for Shallow Fault Zone Structure?

Miko FohrmannHeiner IgelGunnar JahnkeYehuda Ben-ZionPages 2125-2137

On the Effects of Non-planar Geometry for Blind Thrust Faults on Strong Ground Motion

Hideo AochiKim B. OlsenPages 2139-2153

Which Dynamic Rupture Parameters Can Be Estimated from Strong Ground Motion and Geodetic Data?

Sophie PeyratKim B. OlsenRaúl MadariagaPages 2155-2169

Numerical Simulations of Large Earthquakes: Dynamic Rupture Propagation on Heterogeneous Faults

Ruth A. HarrisPages 2171-2181

Finite-element Simulation of Seismic Ground Motion with a Voxel Mesh

Kazuki KoketsuHiroyuki FujiwaraYasushi IkegamiPages 2183-2198

MHD Dynamo Simulation Using the GeoFEM Platform: Comparison with a Spectral Method

Hiroaki MatsuiHiroshi OkudaPages 2199-2212

A Wavelet Toolkit for Visualization and Analysis of Large Data Sets in Earthquake Research

G. ErlebacherD. A. YuenPages 2215-2229

Role of Wavelets in the Physical and Statistical Modelling of Complex Geological Processes

D. A. YuenG. ErlebacherO. V. VasilyevD. E. GoldsteinPages 2231-2244

Parallel Visualization of Large-scale Unstructured Geophysical Data for the Earth Simulator

Li ChenIssei FujishiroKengo NakajimaPages 2245-2263

A Parallel Implementation of the Lattice Solid Model for the Simulation of Rock Mechanics and Earthquake Dynamics

Steffen AbeDavid PlacePeter MoraPages 2265-2277

Spatio-temporal Scanning and Statistical Test of the Accelerating Moment Release (AMR) Model Using Australian Earthquake Data

Yucang WangCan YinPeter MoraXiang-chu YinKeyin PengPages 2281-2293

Assimilation of Paleoseismic Data for Earthquake Simulation

Lisa B. GrantMiryha M. GouldPages 2295-2306

On the Possibility of Elastic Strain Localisation in a Fault

E. PasternakH.-B. MühlhausA.V. DyskinPages 2309-2326

Interplate Coupling in the Kanto District, Central Japan, and the Boso Peninsula Silent Earthquake in May 1996

Takeshi SagiyaPages 2327-2342

Evidence of Strain Partitioning Between the Sierra Madre Fault and the Los Angeles Basin, Southern California from Numerical Models

Margaret T. GlasscoeAndrea DonnellanLouise H. KelloggPages 2343-2357

Spatial and Temporal Variation of LURR and its Implication for the Tendency of Earthquake Occurrence in Southern California

Yongxian ZhangXiang-Chu YinKeyin PengPages 2359-2367

Anomalous Seismicity and Accelerating Moment Release Preceding the 2001 and 2002 Earthquakes in Northern Baja California, Mexico

Charles G. SammisDavid D. BowmanGeoffrey KingPages 2369-2378

A Damage Mechanics Model for Aftershocks

Robert ShcherbakovDonald L. TurcottePages 2379-2391

Revisiting the Tidal Activation of Seismicity with a Damage Mechanics and Friction Point of View

Stewart W. SmithCharles G. SammisPages 2393-2404

Load-Unload Response Ratio (LURR), Accelerating Moment/Energy Release (AM/ER) and State Vector Saltation as Precursors to Failure of Rock Specimens

Xiang-Chu YinHuai-Zhong YuVictor KukshenkoZhao-Yong XuPages 2405-2416

A 3-D Quasi-static Model for a Variety of Slip Behaviors on a Subduction Fault

Hitoshi HiroseKazuro HiraharaPages 2417-2431

Simple Spring-mass Model Simulation of Earthquake Cycle along the Nankai Trough in Southwest Japan

Noa MitsuiKazuro HiraharaPages 2433-2450

Emergent Anisotropy and Flow Alignment in Viscous Rock

H.-B. MühlhausL. MoresiM. CadaPages 2451-2463


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